The annual academic journal Linguodidactica presents a forum for linguistic and foreign language teaching research of all kinds: selected problems of synchronous, diachronic, theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as teaching foreign languages (including theoretical and practical translation studies, terminology and terminography, lexicology and lexicography, history of language, onomastics, cognitive linguistics, comparative linguistics, functional grammar, teaching and learning foreign languages at all stages of education using traditional and new teaching/learning methods, and taking into account intra- and interlingual interference). Articles can be in the form of both language proficiency comparatives and texts of an applied character. Studies published in Linguodidactica reflect the latest linguistic trends in the linguistic paradigm of the 21st century, as well as an interdisciplinary approach to teaching methods.

Linguodidactica is indexed in the list of journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland (20pts).

ISSN 1731-6332

DOI: 10.15290