Reviewing Process


1. All texts submitted to the journal undergo a reviewing process.

2. Papers are reviewed by two independent external reviewers who are not connected to the author’s affiliation. Reviews take written form and are based on the template (link). Articles are accepted for publication when they receive two positive reviews (with clear recommendations). In case of contradicting opinions, the editorial board makes the final decision; they also have a right to appoint a third reviewer.

3. Both authors and reviewers do not know each other’s identities (double-blind peer-reviewing process). The names of the reviewers for a particular publication are not disclosed at any stage. Once a year, the editorial board publishes a list of reviewers cooperating with the journal.

4. The editorial board cannot appoint reviewers who may have direct involvement with the authors, such as direct reporting line or personal relationships. Reviewers cannot assess papers if there is a potential conflict of interest.

5. Reviews should be objective and supported by scientific arguments.

6. All reviewed texts are confidential (cannot be accessed by third parties and their details discussed with people other than the editorial board). Reviewers cannot use papers under consideration for personal or competitive gain.

7. Reviewers are obliged to inform the editorial board of any possibility of violation of ethical standards.


Review form